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About Fukushio 2

It is well known that salt has good antiseptic qualities.
From ancient times, salt was believed to be effective in purifying things in many cultures.
In the Japanese religion Shinto, salt is used for ritual purification of places and people, such as in sumo wrestling.
Inside Japanese homes, you can often find two piles of salt – called Morishio -- placed at each side of the entrance. 
Mori (盛) Shio (塩) means Piled salt. 

Morishio is believed to drive away misfortune.
We place a small pile of salt for purification on each sides of the entrance.
Fukushio is a modern day style of Morishio.
According to the Feng Shui, rose-colored Fukushio is a wonderful item which exudes positive energy into its surroundings, and enhances human relationships.
The pure white Fukushio is believed to bring wealth and prosperity and also enhance or repair human relationships.
The white variety also has the power to invite luck and happiness.
You can combine rose and white Fukushio in the same place for greater effect.
Fukushio must be kept in containers made of glass or porcelain and it is recommended to put the salt in containers that are clear or white. 
Fukushio will easily blend with any location without affecting the atmosphere of a room or scene.
Morishio is usually placed at the front door to keep misfortune away.
For Fukushio to be effective,  and bring you good luck, it should be placed near you.
We recommend putting it on your writing desk, near your bedside, or at your office desk.
Similar to the Morishio tradition, we suggest you replace your Fukushio with a new batch once or twice a month.